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Hit the woodwork. Meaning in football (soccer). Definition ...

Woodwork is part of the goal, it refers to the goal frame (post and crossbar). To hit the woodwork is to hit the post – to almost score. Example: Kylian Mbappe’s penalty came back off the woodwork and France failed to score. Example: According to the Mail Online: ‘Johnson says woodwork cost Liverpool a Champions League place’.

What is Woodwork in Soccer? Definition and Meaning ...

Woodwork - Definition of Woodwork from SportsDefinitions.com. The term used to denote the crossbar and uprights, even if they are made of metal.

Urban Dictionary: Woodwork

Woodwork. Term for the uprights (goal posts) and crossbar in football (soccer). Taken from the days when the goal structure was made from wood. I slalomed past 3 defenders then deftly rounded the goal keeper only to have my world class finish soundly denied by the woodwork. Get the Woodwork neck gaiter and mug.

Football Glossary: Woodwork

Woodwork. This is part of the goal – it refers to the goal frame (post and crossbar). To hit the woodwork is to hit the post – to almost score. We can also hear the phrases, ‘ off the post ‘ or ‘ off the bar ‘ which means that the ball has hit the post or bar and come out – no goal was scored. Sometimes we might hear that a striker has been denied by the woodwork – they have hit the post or bar and failed to score.

Urban Dictionary: Hitting The Woodwork

Hitting The Woodwork 1) A common expression used in football (soccer) by commentators to say that the ball has hit the frame of the goal , so the player has come close, but not scored. 2) When you 'pull' someone ( 1st base or higher) but you don't have sex with them.

Woodwork | Definition of Woodwork by Merriam-Webster

English Language Learners Definition of woodwork. : the parts of a room or house (such as window frames or stairs) that are made of wood. : woodworking. : the wooden frame of football or soccer goalposts.

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Hit the woodwork: when a player intends to shoot into the goal but hits the crossbar or the post of the goal instead, and was very unlucky not to have scored. He almost had it, but unfortunately it hit the woodwork. They got stuck in: referring to a team whose players showed a lot of determination to succeed.

WOODWORK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

woodwork definition: 1. the wooden parts of a building, especially a house: 2. any part of the wooden or metal frame…. Learn more.