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Jammed fingers are a common volleyball injury. Your fingers may become jammed as the result of falling onto your outstretched hand or colliding with another player. Setting, spiking or hitting the ball can also result in jammed fingers. A jam occurs when the ligaments or joint capsules of your fingers are forced outside their normal range of motion.


Volleyball: Rule 4, Article 1: A guard, cast or brace made of hard and unyielding leather, plastic, pliable (soft) plastic, metal ... - Jammed Finger injury .

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April 7, 2017. A jammed finger is typically a sprain to the joint or knuckle, of the finger. There may also be a small fracture or dislocation of the joint. The injury can be extremely painful, and the joint usually becomes swollen. A jammed finger is a common sports injury. For example, your fingertip receives the full impact of a hard hit baseball, basketball rebound or volleyball spike.

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The volar plate is a very thick ligament which joins two bones in the finger. A volar plate injury occurs when the finger is bent too far back the wrong way, spraining or tearing the ligament. In some cases, this can also involve a fracture. More on Volar plate injury.

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A broken finger (“finger fracture”) is a pretty common sports injury, often seen with direct impact to the tip of the finger or from a twisting injury. It’s easy to dismiss these as “minor” injuries, but all finger fractures need to be managed properly to allow for normal function to the hand. Mismanaged fractures can lead to significant issues with grip and hand function ...

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The anatomy of the finger is complex, but a basic knowledge is necessary to properly treat acute injuries. The index, middle, ring, and fifth digits have proximal, middle, and distal phalanges and ...

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Mishandling the ball in sports such as basketball, volleyball and baseball is a frequent cause of jammed fingers. If such activity caused your finger injury, then you'll likely have to take a break from the sport — anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on severity.

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A sprained finger is a tear of any of the ligaments which connect the finger bones (phalanges) together. The ligaments at the side of the phalanges joints are called the collateral ligaments. These are injured by a sideways type force, bending the finger laterally. The ligament underneath the middle joint is called the ‘volar plate’.