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Is Soccer Masculine or Feminine in French? It’s masculine when referring to male soccer because of the gender and feminine when talking about female soccer. This is also known as the gender rule.

Is soccer in french masculine or feminine? - Answers

In France = pomme de Pin (feminine) or cone de pin (masculine)Swiss French = pive (masculine)Occitan French = pinha (feminine)Canadian French = cocotte (feminine)

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soccer translate: foot(ball) [masculine], football. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary.

Is a football masculine or feminine in french? - Answers

Soccer History Create. 0. Log in. Football - Soccer ... (masculine)Swiss French = pive (masculine)Occitan French = pinha (feminine)Canadian French = cocotte (feminine)

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As you can see, since French really likes its gendering, even that of foreign words, football is a masculine noun. However, in everyday spoken French, instead of saying "football", we shorten the word and usually just say "foot". So the examples from above are usually translated as follows : I like soccer : J’aime le foot.

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la footballeuse – player (feminine) L’arbitre – referee. Le gardien de but – goalie (masculine) La gardienne de but – goalie (feminine) Un/une juge de touche – line judge. Un/une avant centre – center forward. Un entraineur – coach. Un défenseur / une défenseuse – defense. le/la fan de foot – football fan.

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THE MASCULINE AND THE FEMININE. In French, all names have a gender, either masculine or feminine. For people, this is quite easy: for all names for a man, we use the masculine and for women, the feminine. Like for example: un Français (a French) (masculine) and une Française (a French) (female)