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Post Defense Basketball. In basketball, an offensive player may "post up" with their back to the basket. The defender in this situation must play post defense to try and stop the offensive player from scoring. There are two different post areas on each side of the basketball court: the low post and the high post.

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The defense can assume a legal, vertical stance or position on the side, front or behind the offensive post player. When the defense undercuts (initiates lower body nonverticality), slaps, pushes, holds, elbows, forearms, or just generally demonstrates rough, physical movements or tactics, this is a foul on the defense and must be called without warning.

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However, despite the new illegal defense rule, legalizing the zone defense led to Tim Thibodeau's ICE strong-side overload defense, popularized when Thibodeau was the assistant coach in charge of defense during the Celtics' championship season in 2007-08. The zone had been legal for a while, but Thibodeau figured out how to flood the strong ...

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• Zone defense rules clarified with new rules for Illegal Defensive Alignments. a. Weak side defenders may come in the pro lane (16’), but not in the college lane (12’) for more than three seconds. b. Defender on post player is allowed in defensive three-second area (A post player is any player adjacent to paint area).

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The legal guarding position is a position in which all players need to be in to play defense on a player with or without the ball. If defense is attempted outside of legal guarding position, it is considered to be a foul.

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Wrap Around – when defending the low post, the top hand and foot should be in passing lane. When defending the high post, wrap around on the low or bottom side. V. BOX OUT AND HIT BOARDS . Everyone must "check" off their assigned players before they go after the rebound.

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Post Defender Grabs Opponent’s Uniform; Post Defender Uses Knee; Post Defender Uses Straight Arm; Post Defender Uses Two Hands; Post Defender Wraps Arms Around Opponent; Post Defender “Walks Under”...

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Zones defense, or anything that resembled one, was completely illegal. You had to be either guarding your man or the ball, and nothing in-between. You could double-team the ball and help a teammate, but it had to be clear that was was your intention. Isolation basketball, on the wing or in the post, was both efficient and effective.