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Watermark disease of cricket bat willow: guidelines for growers

This Note is intended to help cricket bat willow growers to identify diseased trees and control the spread of the bacterium in the crop. Introduction I. Watermark disease caused by the bacterium...

A Field Survey of Watermark Disease of Cricket Bat Willow in ...

The geographical distribution of trees of cricket bat willow (Salix alba var. caerulea) showing watermark symptoms of infection by Erwinia salicis (Day) Chester during 1955 to 1972 is recorded. In an attempt to control the disease by eradication, 23,172 trees were destroyed in this 18-year period, as were 911 mother trees (stools) producing propagating material.

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CRICKET BATS: Willow tree disease; CMS Leaves TILT DOWN ducks in water MS Lines of willow trees MS Off road vehicle pulls up CMS Robert Brice (Willow Grower) out car CMS Robert Brice (Willow Grower) intvwd SOF - wide growth rings produce springy bat which is what cricketers want GV Trees & river CMS Ken Cutts (Essex County Council Willow Inspector) inspects leaves & past CMS Ken Cutts (Essex County Council Willow Inspector) intvwd SOF - holding leaves - explains signs of watermark disease CS ...

Watermark disease of tree wttlows

In the U.K. therefore, watermark is recognised primarily as a disease of the cricket bat willow even though it does also affect a wider range of tree willows. Cricket bat willow Wood for cricket bats has to be light, resilient and strong with a straight grain and white colour. All these qualities are possessed by the cricket bat willo (5w. alba var.

Watermark Disease | Definition of Watermark Disease by ...

Definition of watermark disease. : a disease of willows and especially the cricket-bat willow (Salix alba caerulea) in England in which a bacterium (Erwinia salicis) invades the vessels and causes wilting and browning of the leaves and a brown watery stain of the wood.

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Plant Pathology: Vol 22, No 2

Infection of Cricket Bat Willow (Salix alba var. caerulea) Sm. by Erwinia salicis (Day) Chester detected in the Field by the Use of a Specific Antiserum W. C. Wong , T. F. Preece , Pages: 95-97

Not cricket? Scientists suggest bamboo bats are a match for ...

Cricket has been bowled a googly by scientists who have suggested the traditional willow used to make bats could be replaced by bamboo to increase their sustainability and boost the sport’s reach.

PCR-Based Detection of the Causal Agent of Watermark Disease ...

The watermark disease is a vascular wilting disease that causes great losses among willow populations. The bacterium Brenneria salicis , formerly Erwinia salicis, is the causal agent of this disease and occurs mainly in the xylem vessels of the host plant. Infected willows show wilted, dried, brown-colored leaves and a watery, transparent color of the wood.