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Are Basketball Shorts Getting Short Again? - Retired Introvert

The style of the shorts is determined strictly by fashion trends. The length of basketball shorts has never been determined by who makes them or whether or not they improve performance. Again, it’s only been about fashion. However, now some players, especially females, say the shorter shorts make them more agile. Hmm.

Thigh society: why men’s shorts are getting shorter | Men's ...

Thigh society: why men’s shorts are getting shorter. ... Half the NBA, a league famed for its long, wafty basketball shorts, have started hiking up their kit to let their quads breathe.

High school basketball shorts getting short again

The senior rolls the elastic on his waistband several times to get the shorts to a desired length, while tucking them in at the bottom.

How Short Shorts Made a Dramatic Comeback (in the NBA) // ONE37pm

Over the past few years, the movement toward shorter shorts has gained undeniable momentum. One might even argue it’s taking over basketball. As recently as last year, The New York Times wrote about the phenomenon at the college basketball level, in particular as it was repped by the smooth and cool Michigan guard Jordan Poole; “It’s a little bit of look and a little bit of comfort,” Poole said.

Shorter shorts are making a comeback in basketball, and it's ...

Shorter shorts are making a comeback in basketball, and it's evident across the WPIAL. The Penn Hills boys basketball team got new uniforms this season, and when the shorts were handed out, coach...

Are shorts getting shorter in the NBA? : nba

Pistons. Shorts have been trending shorter for a few years now. Preferred shorts length seems to be a total grab bag at this point, in contrast to previous eras that generally seemed pretty uniform aside from outliers (all super short in the 80’s and prior, all quite long in the 2000’s).

Are short "shorts" coming back in style? - The Freeballers Forum

Yes, I think men's shorts are finally getting shorter. Rather they will ever get back to the '60s-'70's, I have my doubts. When this long baggy "shorts" and swimsuits started in the mid-'80s I figured it'd last a year- maybe two. ===== I would have never though it would drag on for more than 30 years!

Short shorts are in again. Just look at Michigan players in ...

The trend has hardly arrived at full Daisy Dukes level, but something definitely is happening with basketball players’ shorts. Specifically, they’re getting shorter. Support our journalism.