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7 Important Tips to Remember When Dealing With Referee's

7 Important Tips to Remember When Dealing With Referees 1. Understand That They’re Human. Referees aren’t perfect. Just like you and I aren’t either. They’re not going to make... 2. You Both Have Different Angles On The Play. While you are both watching the same game, you will always have a... 3. ...

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The Art of Dealing With Coaches - Referee.com

By Jay Miner I’ve read every umpire manual ever written back to Hank O’Day’s turn of the century (20th) handwritten notes. Manuals are good and provide umpires with solid basic knowledge and guidelines for all phases of umpiring. Nevertheless, when it comes to managing coaches, the manuals always refer to “normal” coaches. What I mean […]

4 Tips for Talking to Coaches - Referee.com

What works with one coach may not work with another. Over time, the “book” on the coach will be known and will become a guide in dealing with him or her. Meanwhile, there are certain approaches that have a high degree of success and others that are sure to fail. Here are 4 tips for talking to coaches. Don’t answer statements.

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Dealing with these types of situations cannot be taught but is learned through experience. Finally, coaches may not like all the calls made, but they are less apt to be upset or disagree if the official is in proper position to make the call. When officials are not in proper position, the more problems arise.

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Same goes for coaches and referees. Coaches have the right to voice their disapproval--but they need to do so professionally. There is no sense in arguing over a judgment call if the ref was in the right position. In the history of basketball, a referee has never, ever changed a judgment call based on a coach's difference of opinion. Seriously ...

5 tips to help coaches communicate with referees | Coach & A.D.

Here are five suggestions. 1. Improve understanding of officials and officiating. Though coaches may deal with an official who has a chip on their shoulder, appears not to like their job, or may be doing it primarily for the money, the vast majority of officials love their sport and see themselves as stewards of it.

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Even the most experienced officials and coaches will often disagree on calls. The rules are, well, the rules. Officials should not be asked to explain a rule, nor should the coach expect them to. Explaining a rule takes attention away from the players on the court, which is the priority for both parties.

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Just as players don’t make every shot and coaches don’t make all the right substitutions, referee’s don’t get every call right 100% of the time. If you’re trying to receive some calls in your favor, the last thing you want is for your players to complain on every missed call and the referee becomes annoyed with your team.

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One of the interesting dynamics in sports is how coaches deal with game officials. Styles vary, from the combative to the cynical, from butt-kissing to aggressive. ... College basketball coaches ...